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Solar powered recyclebot literature review

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This literature review supported: Shan Zhong, Pratiksha Rakhe and Joshua M. Pearce. [[Energy Payback Time of a Solar Photovoltaic Powered Waste Plastic Recyclebot System]]. ''Recycling'' 2017, 2(2), 10; doi: 10.3390/recycling2020010 [ open access]
==MOST group articles on waste plastic extrusion==
* Dennis J. Byard, Aubrey L. Woern, Robert B. Oakley, Matthew J. Fiedler, Samantha L. Snabes, and Joshua M. Pearce. [ Green Fab Lab Applications of Large-Area Waste Polymer-based Additive Manufacturing]. ''Additive Manufacturing'' 27, (2019), pp. 515-525. [ open access]
* David Shonnard, Emily Tipaldo, Vicki Thompson, Joshua Pearce, Gerard Caneba, Robert Handler. Systems Analysis for PET and Olefin Polymers in a Circular Economy. 26th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering Conference. ''Procedia CIRP'' 80, (2019), 602-606. [ open access]
* Aubrey L. Woern, Joseph R. McCaslin, Adam M. Pringle, and Joshua M. Pearce. RepRapable Recyclebot: Open Source 3-D Printable Extruder for Converting Plastic to 3-D Printing Filament. HardwareX 4C (2018) e00026 doi: [ open access]
* Aubrey L. Woern and Joshua M. Pearce. 3-D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper for Fused Granular Fabrication-Based Additive Manufacturing. ''Inventions'' 2018, 3(4), 78; [ open access]
* Woern, A.L.; Byard, D.J.; Oakley, R.B.; Fiedler, M.J.; Snabes, S.L.; Pearce, J.M. Fused Particle Fabrication 3-D Printing: Recycled Materials’ Optimization and Mechanical Properties. ''Materials'' '''2018''', 11, 1413. doi: [ open access]
* Adam M. Pringle, Mark Rudnicki, and Joshua Pearce (2017) Wood Furniture Waste-Based Recycled 3-D Printing Filament. ''Forest Products Journal'' 2018, Vol. 68, No. 1, pp. 86-95. [ open access]
* Debbie L. King, Adegboyega Babasola, Joseph Rozario, and Joshua M. Pearce, “[ Mobile Open-Source Solar-Powered 3-D Printers for Distributed Manufacturing in Off-Grid Communities],” ''Challenges in Sustainability'' '''2'''(1), 18-27 (2014). [ open access]
* Shan Zhong & Joshua M. Pearce. [ Tightening the loop on the circular economy: Coupled distributed recycling and manufacturing with recyclebot and RepRap 3-D printing],''Resources, Conservation and Recycling'' 128, (2018), pp. 48–58. doi: 10.1016/j.resconrec.2017.09.023 [ open access]
*M.A. Kreiger, M.L. Mulder, A.G. Glover, [[J. M. Pearce]], [ Life Cycle Analysis of Distributed Recycling of Post-consumer High Density Polyethylene for 3-D Printing Filament], ''Journal of Cleaner Production'', 70, pp. 90–96 (2014). DOI: [ open access]
* Shan Zhong, Pratiksha Rakhe and Joshua M. Pearce. [ Energy Payback Time of a Solar Photovoltaic Powered Waste Plastic Recyclebot System]. ''Recycling'' 2017, 2(2), 10; doi: 10.3390/recycling2020010 [ open access]
* Feeley, S. R., Wijnen, B., & Pearce, J. M. (2014). [ Evaluation of Potential Fair Trade Standards for an Ethical 3-D Printing Filament]. ''Journal of Sustainable Development'', '''7'''(5), 1-12. DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v7n5p1 [ open access]
* M. Kreiger, G. C. Anzalone, M. L. Mulder, A. Glover and J. M Pearce (2013). Distributed Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste in Rural Areas. MRS Online Proceedings Library, 1492, [ mrsf12-1492-g04-06] doi:10.1557/opl.2013.258. [ open access]
* Christian Baechler, Matthew DeVuono, and Joshua M. Pearce, “[ Distributed Recycling of Waste Polymer into RepRap Feedstock]” ''Rapid Prototyping Journal,'' '''19'''(2), pp. 118-125 (2013). [ open access]
==Literature Review==
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