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Solar Pura: High-efficiency vertical solar still

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I synthesized the literature into a design consisting of 10 key subsystems:
#== Feed water flow control==
Storage of feed water and controlling the rate at which it is fed to the wicks
#== Frame/mounting==
The way in which all the components are mounted and housed & the spacing between the plates
#== Absorber==
The solar selective surface absorber that absorbs the sun
#== Optical cover==
Sitting in front of the absorber that prevents convective losses
#== Reflector==
Mirrored surface that reflects the sun onto the absorber
#== Wicking Bed==
The way in which the wicks are mounted and fed feed water
#== Insulating Panels==
Side and back panels that prevent heat loss
#== Wicks==
The material for wicking the feed water down the device
#== Condenser plates==
The plates that act as condensers and conductors to create the multi-effect diffusion reaction
#== Distillate Collection==
The way the distillate flows and is collected
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