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Solar Pura: High-efficiency vertical solar still

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== Design ==
There is very little experimental research that has been done on the construction and optimisation optimization of these devices. Most of Tanakas Tanaka's designs he never built fully functional prototypes, just tested 1 effect and theorized the rest of the work. While the team at Taiwan univesity university did build their prototypes, they were all hooked up to evacuated tube collectors that could supply a steady stream of 100 degree heat to the device. This coupling adds so much cost and complexity that in my eyes moves the device out of appropriate technologybeyond Appropriate Technology applications.
The inspiration for my design came from the Tanaka's paper from 2005 <ref></ref> where in he describes a multi effect diffuser that is coupled to a flat plate collector. I was very attracted to this idea because of its integration of the solar collector and the condenser. So from that point to move forward I used 3d CAD tools to flesh out the various systems and went about building my first prototype.  I synthesized the literature into a design consisting of 10 key subsystems:#Feed water flow controlStorage of feed water and controlling the rate at which it is fed to the wicks#Frame/mountingThe way in which all the components are mounted and housed & the spacing between the plates#AbsorberThe solar selective surface absorber that absorbs the sun#Optical coverSitting in front of the absorber that prevents convective losses#ReflectorMirrored surface that reflects the sun onto the absorber#Wicking BedThe way in which the wicks are mounted and fed feed water#Insulating PanelsSide and back panels that prevent heat loss#WicksThe material for wicking the feed water down the device#Condenser platesThe plates that act as condensers and conductors to create the multi-effect diffusion reaction#Distillate CollectionThe way the distillate flows and is collected
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