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Super Bainite METHODS

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[[category:Metal 3D printing]]
===Step 1: Print===;Parameters (MTU CNC Metal Printer):Spool Gun:Nozzle head needs to start 8-10mm away from the substrate:5V:Wire Speed ~22 (level on feeder):RC25 gas @ 25 CFH*Pause in between layers to clean surface & allow to cool ===Step 2: Machine===*Remove part from substrate*Any further machining/finishing required to be at net shape ===Step 3: Heat Treat===#Encapsulate the part in quartz and evacuate the capsule. '''''DO NOT BREAK CAPSULE UNTIL ENTIRE HT IS FINISHED'''''#Homogenize in a high temperature furnace for 3 days at 1150C.#Allow to slowly cool in air after homogenization.#Austenitize at 1000C for 15 minutes#Immediately turn furnace down to 125C after austenitization and let the sample gently transition to the lower temperature#Cook the sample at 125C for 60 days#Remove from furnace, break the capsule open and quench the sample in water. ====<font color="red">FOR THIS SUMMER</font>==== Remove capsule from furnace. Quickly and carefully break the capsule and immediately quench the sample in water. Rinse with ethanol and dry with air. Place the sample HERE. ===Step 4: Characterize===*Compression test*Hardness test*Metallography*SEM/XRD?

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