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Health and wellbeing UK

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== Green Gym ==
== Resources ==
*[ Centre for Ageing Better], independent charitable foundation
*[ Resources] from the [ UK Healthy Cities Network]
*[ Sustainable development: The key to tackling health inequalities], Sustainable Development Commission, 2010
'''=== Apps for sustainability'''===[[category: UK articles with apps]] [ Splashpath], find your local swimming pools === Networks === [ Network of Wellbeing] === Video === {{#widget:YouTube|id=d-uWcVRKIFM}} | style="background:khaki" | __TOC__
== News and comment ==
2015: Health hackers: the patients taking medical innovation into their own hands, October 26 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref>'''2019'''
[[File:Cambridge1.jpg|240px|left]]'''Sep 11''' [[Cambridgeshire]]: Mind over natter: the English town with a big mental health plan <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref><br clear=all> [[File:AlleeImFruehling.jpg|140px|left]]'''Jan 9''' [[Urban sustainability UK]]: Urban co-design for better wellbeing and health: Healthy New Town <ref>[ What Works Centre for Wellbeing]</ref><br clear=all> '''2018''' Prototyping a ‘Citizen Research Centre’ by Sarah Drummond, Nov 14 <ref>[ Medium]</ref> Can we radically transform the way we deliver health and social care in the UK? Feb 26 <ref>[]</ref> [[File:Monksilver, 1 -|140px|left]][[Somerset]]: The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community, Feb 21, George Monbiot <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref><br clear=left> We need to talk about ageing – and it’s about far more than the NHS, Feb 4, John Harris <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref> Saving the NHS means forcing us to change the way we lead our lives, Nick Cohen, Jan 28 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref> '''2017''' Huge health gap revealed between UK’s rich and poor, Dec 23 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref> [[File:Skipton boat carnival.jpg|140px|left]][[Yorkshire and the Humber]]: Yes, This Is Britain’s Happiest Place. (It Looks Beautiful in the Rain.) Nov 13 <ref>[]</ref><br clear=left> [[File:Totnes High Street.jpg|140px|left]][[Totnes]]: Caring Town: Fiona Ward, May 3 <ref>[]</ref><br clear=left> People, place and partnerships in health, May 2 <ref>[]</ref> Being poor kills – to improve public health the government must tackle inequality, Apr 10 <ref>[]</ref> '''2015''' Health hackers: the patients taking medical innovation into their own hands, October 26 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref> Top doctor: social inequality in UK costing 550 lives every day, September 10 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref> == See also ==*[[Health and wellbeing]]*{{localtopicUK}} == External links ==*[ NHS Sustainable Development Unit]
=== Blogs ===
*[ UK nurse against climate change]
== External links ==
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