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Interests in Engineering
== About Me ==
:Kelsey Burrell
: I'm a first-year an undergraduate student in the Environmental Resources Engineering transfer student department at Humboldt State University , and a long-time resident of the North Coast north coast of California. Part of the reason I chose this undergraduate program is to become proficient in water resources engineering. I'm planning to help develop solutions to excited about exploring the impending global water crisis with my professional life. I have a lot different aspects of math and science under my belt at this pointenvironmental engineering while in school, and I'm enthusiastic look forward to learn more devoting my career to studying and begin putting that knowledge developing solutions to good useour environmental woes.
Since transferring to HSU, I've become an active member of the [ Society of Women Engineers]. Most recentlyRecently, we organized [ Engineering Fest] at Eureka High School, where we invited middle- and high-school kids to get involved in STEM through a free afternoon of fun, engineering-related activities.  In my free time, I love backpacking through the wilderness or just hanging out at a familiar river bar. I can usually be found canoeing and kayaking the summer away, working in my garden, and adding new recipes to my cookbook.
== Interests in Engineering ==
*Water quality
*Watershed restoration and management
*Water quality engineeringSolid waste management*HydrologyWastewater treatment*Environmental justice*More to come as I learn!
== Experience in Engineering ==
*Intern, Achilli Research and Teaching Lab, Humboldt State University. January 2017-present.
== Portfolio ==
These are some examples of work I did during my first year in ERE:
*[ A memo I wrote discussing nutrients in Arcata wastewater]
*[ A spreadsheet I created for a water balance of Fern Lake]
*[ A Gantt chart I created with my project group, Three Peas in a Pod: Compost Squad!]
*[ A 3D house I drew with autoCAD]
*[ A document I collaborated on with my group in our Introduction to Design class]
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