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Parras Assignments

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Homework assignments This is a homework page for the Parras Program Summer 2006that lists:*Upcoming trips*Reading assignments*Big due dates posted far in advance*Assignments posted outside of classroom hours**Assignments assigned during class are still due regardless to whether they are posted herePlease put this page on your watchlist so that you know when assignments have been posted outside of classroom hours
==Tentative Schedule of Extra Events==
*Thursday, 6/8, 5-10PM: Meet at UTC, walk to Perote, bring bathing suit, sun protection, water, climbing shoes.
==Gaviotas Reading==
*Week 2(5/30): To page 39 - "In Columbia, we've got enough problems as is."*Week 3(6/06): To page 71 - "...Gaviotas was such an infinitesimal antidote."*Week 4(6/13): To page 103 - "That's how we learn..."*Week 5(6/20): To page 127 - "The world needed to know about Gaviotas..."*Week 6(6/27): To page 159 - The Trees*Week 7(7/04): To page 181 - "...toasting each other for never giving up."*Week 8(7/11): To el final. Page 222
*Before class
**Electricity assignment
**Read about [[:Category:Electricity_BasicsElectricity_basics|Electricity Basics]]
===Due Monday 6/5===
*Before class
**Read more about [[:Category:Electricity_BasicsElectricity_basics|Electricity Basics]]
**Electricity Problemset
**Post your two AT implementations to [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]]. Make sure to log in to your own account before posting and to follow the directions at the [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]] page.
****Remember that the project is due in Week 9 and the writeup in Week 10.
==Due Monday 7/3 ==
Final reading on [[:Category:Photovoltaic|Photovoltaic]]
==Due Monday 7/10==
Read on Agriculture
==Due Tuesday 7/11==
*Before class
**Finish reading Gaviotas
**Poetry assignment regarding Gaviotas as assigned by Lilianet Brintrup
==Assignments to Lonny=====How much water is in Estanque de la Luz?===Daniel took 89 steps for the width and 96 steps for the length. His stride is 2.5 ft/step. The depth of Estanque de la Luz is 3.7 meters according to the sign there. '''Width:''' 89 steps * 2.5 ftDue Thursday 7/step = 225.5 ft 20'''Length:''' 96 steps * 2.5 ft/step = 240 ft '''Depth:''' 3.7 meters * 0.3048 feet/meter = 12.1 ft '''Volume:''' 225.5 ft * 240 ft * 12.1 ft = 654852 ft<sup>3</sup> '''Volume in gallons:''' 654852 ft<sup>3</sup> * 7.48 gallons/ft<sup>3</sup> = 4898293 gallonsTherefore, the Estanque de la Luz holds about 4,900,000 gallons Set an appointment with me to come make a final inspection of wateryour project. Thank you for the assignment, if you have any changes to the lenght or width values please post them here.Celebrate!
====At 200 GPM out and 0 GPM in, how long would Estanque de la Luz take to go dry?====At approximately 4,900,000 gallons of water stored and only the one canal of 200 GPM outflow: Minutes held = 4,900,000 gal '''Due Thursday 7/ 200 GPM 27'''= 24500 min Hours held = 24500 min / 60 min/hr = 408.333 hrs Days held = 408.333 hrs / 24 hr/day = 17.01 days*By midnightTherefore there are about 17 days of storage in Estanque de la Luz**Final project writeup due.
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