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Community solar

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Community Solar
===[ User-centered design for smart solar-powered micro-grid communities(2014)]<ref>L. W. M. Wienhofen, C. Lindkvist and M. Noebels, "User-centered design for smart solar-powered micro-grid communities," 2014 14th International Conference on Innovations for Community Services (I4CS), Reims, 2014, pp. 39-46.
doi: 10.1109/I4CS.2014.6860551</ref>=== 
'''Abstract -''' CoSSMic (Collaborating Smart Solar powered Micro-grids) is an EU funded project aimed at developing a system for smart management and control of solar energy. The system must be relevant to a community of end-users and other stakeholders. Two processes are described to contribute in meeting this aim, user-centered design and lean startup product design. Iterative approach to the design of the system which incorporates these two processes are described.
* Two feasibility studies are conducted in Konstanz, Germany and the Province of Caserta, Italy. Both trial locations are quite different in terms of population, solar irradiation, available equipment and electrical consumption.

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