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Talk:Gravity fed drip irrigation, semi-automated

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== Thank you Lonny ==
I appreciate your kind words, but I'd like a follow up please! If no one took my idea for their project, I can accept that. What I'd like you to know though is that I'm willing to work with any group. Anything they'd like to try, I'd be willing to create it (as long as they explain how) to see the project through to it's usefulness. It specifically needs computer people such as Networking, Linux server and programming with DB, Rasp Pi and Ubunbtu Phone skills, app or site to follow individual plants real time, home (or garden) automation, 3d printing and drawing, robotics, artificial intelligence maybe. Sensors to report things like drip frequency, ground moisture levels (possibly at various levels), and more (I'll add to this as I think of more.It has many many intricate problems, but each is relatively simple, but not thought out yet. With WLAN and location it would be possible to have roving cameras (possibly actual robots.
What I want to show with this is that many people could answer small pieces little by little, each individual addition is only somewhat linked with other ideas. which allows people in various parts of the world to each do their part and so perfect for a WIKI. I believe it would be a homesteaders dream to be able to plant a vegetable garden and then let it manage its self, even tells you when things are ripe.
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