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Talk:Gravity fed drip irrigation, semi-automated

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A Challenge
:in any way I can, I have a small Greenhouse and am retired, so have time. What I don't have is your intelligence or your ingenuity.
: :-) Big O --[[User:Big O|Big O]] ([[User talk:Big O|talk]]) 15:27, 02 January 2017 (CET)
:Hi again, whoever is reading this.
:I thought it might be good to explain my motivation in creating this article, my challenge. For years I've carried water to the plants in my garden and considered how I could eliminate steps, reduce repetitive work and simplify the production of veggies to the point where I could plant them the let my garden take care of them until ripe. Oh, what a wonderful dream, but I believe I've found the way to do it relatively inexpensively using todays low cost technology and the old fashioned plant in the ground. I know that Aquaponics or Hydroponics may or may not be better, but until we've tried we won't know, hence my idea.
:I ask you to try my idea and simplify it, prove that a garden can be run without human intervention at a small price. If the parts can be created from recycled plastic and the cost of automation held to a bare minimum that these gardens could be created anywhere where water can be collected.
:I believe you will prove that it's possible to make hundreds of these gardens in villages where help is needed, to provide a source of vitamin rich food to the poorest of the poor. If we combined this project with modern water gathering and storage along with 3d printing and all the other things possible today, that we will change the world. If these people can be fed, they'll not only be able to survive, but to send their children to school and bring home food for them. We can stop their need to try to find a better life somewhere else, because there's no place like home, when home can provide enough food and money, enough to educate my children, the world will find peace.
:And you were a part of it!
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