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Sanctuary sink to toilet greywater system

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[[File:501386151.jpg |thumb|center|Toilet to Sink Freshwater System in the men's bathroom located in the Sanctuary|550px]]
The toilet Santuary in Arcata proposed a design that would recycle greywater in order to sink reduce freshwater system's from being flushed down the toilet. Team Greenlight’s objective is to provide The Sanctuary with a more sustainable and inspiring bathroomdesign an aesthetically pleasing Sink to Toilet Freshwater System that will effectively reuse the water used to wash one’s hands by directing it into the toilet bowl. Fresh water is redirected from the toilet tank to the sink to use for hand washing, this reduces the total water output used in the restroom. The greywater that flows down the sink drain after hand washing, flows to the toilet bowl used for flushing waste down the toilet to the sewer. The sink and toilet are placed next to each other, making the design unique compared to the more common sink-toilet systems, where the sink replaces the lid on the back of the toilet. This toilet to sink freshwater system was implemented by Team Greenlight from Humboldt State University’s Engineering 215 Introduction to Design class, taught by Lonny Grafman, and through funding provided by The Sanctuary and HSU student’s working on the design. The background and next steps will also be discussed on this page.
== Background ==
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