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Sanctuary sink to toilet greywater system

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== Maintenance ==
The design may will require maintenance like any other household appliance. In order to maintain this design any clogs or harmful chemicals must be accounted for. In order to get this message acrossTo prevent clogs and hazardous chemicals from going down the drain, signs are hanging on the wall that say not to pour down any hazardous chemicals through the sink. Furthermore, there are two filters drain catches in case someone pours down food or any large particles that could potentially clog the pipes. Cleaning products such as vinegar should be poured down the sink drain every week to prevent any cavities from building up inside the PVC piping. Finally, if a leak were to occur, the PVC pipes may easily be removed if there should ever be a clog and can either be cleaned or replaced at a relatively low price usually around $15.00.
=== Schedule ===
*In order to prevent any cloggingor bacteria build-up, vinegar is poured down every week to clean out any cavity formation in the PVC piping
*Buy cleaning supplies keep the sink and toilet from looking old possible snake to declog pipes.
;Every _5_ years
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