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|headline=Temporary Landing Page
|content=This is the temporary landing page while we work to integrate Ekopedia content and community. Thank you for your patience.
[ Please do note that the French version has been restored - here - Version française restaurée (en attendant) ici.]
[[File:En ekopedia org-screenshot-03112010.jpg|thumb|Screenshot of home page]]
'''[ Ekopedia]''' is a free (Creative Commons), collaborative (wiki), and multilingual encyclopedia project dedicated in providing answers and spreading practical knowledge related to environmental sustainability. Their goal is to help everyone become more independent and establish the foundation necessary to build a better world.
== History ==
In april 2009, Ekopedia has migrate all its contents from Free Art License to Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA-3.0)<ref></ref> in order to facilitate content sharing with other projects like Wikipedia, and [[Appropedia]].
After Ekopedia went off-line around mid-2015, its [ french version] is back online as of february 2017, with almost 2500 articles. Some info on Ekopedia's recovery can be found [[Talk:Ekopedia#Ekopedia recovery|here]].
== Project details ==
Since the end of 2008, Appropedia and Ekopedia Projects are in active collaboration that could lead to a projects merge<ref>Ekopedia and Appropedia are adopting a deep but adaptable partnership: [[Appropedia:Memorandum of Understanding/Ekopedia]].</ref>.
As of June 2015, Ekopedia has been offline due to technical issues. Anyone experienced in working with wiki databases is encouraged to contact [[User:Chriswaterguy]] to help.
== See also ==
* [[Appropedia]]
* [[Appropedia:Memorandum of Understanding/Ekopedia|Ekopedia-Appropedia Memorandum of Understanding]] (under development)
== References ==
<References />
=== Press references ===
* December 2, 2006: Magazine Télérama n° 2968 published [ Critique Internet Ekopedia]
* April 2006 : the book ''[ Wikipédia, comprendre et participer]'' wrote about Ekopedia.
* January 2006 : magazine "Micro Hebdo" (01net) published "[ : l'encyclo écolo : l'encyclo écolo]"
* December 2005: Liberation Newspaper published [ Ekopedia: L'encyclopédie des alternatives].
== External links ==
* [ Ekopedia Backup Online] via [ OsRemix] resurection project
* Ekopedia portal (website dead)
* [ Appropedia Project]
* 2008 Project Results (website dead)
* Ekopedia presentation slides (Ekopedia website is dead)
* [[Categoryhttp:Wikis for international development// Ekopedia Backup Online]]via [[Categoryhttp:Wikis for sustainability]// OsRemix]resurection project

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