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Environmental impact and labor can both be saved by reducing the need for washing. This may be done by:
* Being very careful – or wearing apron or similar protective [ apparels] – when doing things like cooking, painting, digging in soil and other things that can stain your clothes.
* Choosing clothing that needs less washing. A tiny mark will make a white shirt seem dirty, but will be unnoticeable on a darker or patterned shirt. This may also make your clothing last much longer, as permanent stains will also be less obvious. (Note also that for the sake of smell, and possibly hygiene, even dark clothes cannot go forever without washing!)
:* Avoid light colors, especially white and cream, as these show marks and thus require more frequent washing. Dark colors are very good at hiding marks However, if choosing light colors, patterns will reduce this problem significantly.
*don't show the wrinkles, due to their color or pattern.
*have a "natural look" where slight wrinkling doesn't matter.
* i thing wearing apron or similar protective []apparel when doing things like walking, yoga time etc
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