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10-4-2016: A '''Category 4 Hurricane''' has left a wide path of destruction across Haiti. More than 330 Haitians have lost their lives. Lines of communication are down. Electricity is out. Major bridges have been washed away by extensive flooding. 350,000 people are in need of assistance. The national election has been postponed. []
10/10/2016: The hurricane death toll has topped 1,000. Haitian authorities have dug mass graves. U.N. officials state that more than a million people are in need of immediate need of humanitarian assistance. Up to 80% of Haiti's food crops have been destroyed in some areas. 60,000 Haitians are living in temporary shelters. As flood waters mix with raw sewage the current cholera epidemic,(already the worst in the world) ... is worseninghas worsened. 13 Haitians of died of Cholera since the hurricane; over 8,000 since the Earthquake in 2010 which killed over 300,000.

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