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== About Me ==
:Kainalu Asam:My name is Kainalu Asam from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I was born in Washington and moved to Hawaii when I was three. I am a Freshman at Humboldt State University interested in the Environmental Resources Engineering Program. How HSU came into consideration was because of a summer campus visit I went on heading into senior year as well as the Cross Country and Track Programs. The beach being very close to campus was also something the that attracted me to HSU.
== Interests in Engineering ==
== Experience in Engineering ==
*Engineering 115 (water quality, ground surveying, UV level measuring, hydrogen fuel cells)
*CCAT and SERC Site Visits [ Memo]
*Carbon Dioxide Emission Comparison Project [ : Surfboards]
===Engineering 215 (Intro to Design)===
*[ Memo for Literature Review]
*[ Final Project Timesheet]
*[ Final Project Gant Chart]
*[ Final Project Design Document]
*[ Engineering 215 Final Project Page]
*Rube Goldberg Projects
*CCAT and SERC Site Visits===Engineering 215===Computer Aided Design Projects *Final Project Gant Chart []*Final Project Timesheet []*Final Project Design Document []*Engineering 215 Final Project Page [ Layout]
[[Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design]]


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