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Custom Stand Up Paddleboard

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Stringers help to provide additional stiffness to the board. While all testing we done without a stringer in it, the addition of a stringer is standard and cannot harm the board.
A 1/8" balsa stringer was chosen.during the manufacture of the blank by Marko Foam 
===Blank Manufacturing===
The model for the paddleboard is larger than any current CNC machine at Michigan Tech. To solve this problem, we considered both hand shaping the board and contracting out the board. Hand shaping would save on costs but would provide a lower quality board. The contracting of the board will obviously provide an easier and higher quality board, but with a cost. We decided to contract the board out to [ Marko Foam]. The total cost was $298.97 plus $233.00 for shipping. The blank was quickly cut and shipped. While we are currently still waiting on the blanks arrival, Marko has helped significantly during the entire process. The [ PO] is linked.

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