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==Professional Projects==
===Tyco Fire Protection ProductsConsumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise: September 2013 - Present=== ====Powder Paint Line Loading PlatformHops Dryer Development====
====Sheet Metal Stacker AutomationNanoMAG====
===Magna Seating SystemsMay 2015 - August 2015===
====Recliner Disc Analysis====
===Consumer Product Manufacturing EnterpriseTyco Fire Protection Products: June 2014 - December 2014===At Tyco, I worked to improve production efficiency across the plant by designing and planning machine additions in coordination with the machine operators. ====Powder Paint Line Loading Platform====My main focus at Tyco, was to assist in the implementation of a new overhead I-beam conveyor powder paint line. This line included an inline media blaster, two Wagner automatic paint booths, a manual paint booth, a prime oven, and a curing oven.
====Hops Dryer Development====Specific projects include:*Developed a large standing platform for operators to work from.*Created material transfer fixtures to avoid interfering with the conveyor line.*Conducted FMEA on the line to identify potential failures and how they could be avoided.
====NanoMAGSheet Metal Stacker Automation====
===Robotic Systems Enterprise: September 2010 – May 2013===
====Electronic Broomball Scoreboards====


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