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Solar powered recyclebot literature review

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Materials for solar energy conversion: An overview Granqvist, Claes G., and Volker Wittwer. "Materials for solar energy conversion: An overview." Solar Energy Materials and solar cells 54, no. 1 (1998): 39-48.
We introduce the radiative properties of our natural surroundings and demonstrate how the characteristic features of thermal emission, solar irradiation, atmospheric absorption, and sensitivity of the human eye and of plant photosynthesis lead naturally to a set of solar energy materials with well-defined wavelength- and angular-dependent absorptance, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance. Specific discussions are given of antireflection through microstructuring and of overheating protection through thermotropism. The paper ends with a look in the crystal ball at some possible solar materials research in the future.
::*solar energy conversion: photovoltaic energy, photothermal energy, photochemical energy, photoelectric energy.
===[ Energy viability of photovoltaic systems] <ref> Alsema, Erik A., and E. Nieuwlaar. "Energy viability of photovoltaic systems." Energy policy 28, no. 14 (2000): 999-1010. </ref>===

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