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3D Printing
== About Me ==Cleyton M. Cavallaro==
Michigan Technological University
: 4th year undergraduate
*Student Research Assistant at Kunkel Pathology Laboratories
: While researching at the University of Michigan Laboratories, I conducted tests focused on the effects of Set-Db2 on post-influenza infections. This research was published in [ PLOS Pathogens].
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: Microsoft Office, Macintosh and Windows, MATLAB, UGNX, Magma, Minicab, ThermoCalc, Prisma
===Current Research===
====CEO Utility Pay====
:[[CEO Utility Pay Literature Review]]
===3D Printing===
Printed using the [[Athena_Build_Overview| Athena 3D Printer]].
|title= 3D Printing
|Image:3DPrinter.jpg|[ 3D Printer]
|Image:CoffeeCup.JPG|[ Coffee Cup Rock Wall Hold]
|Image:SkullHold.jpg|[ Skull Rock Wall Hold]
|Image:VikingBookend 2015.jpeg|[ Viking Bookend]
|Image:Before_chamber.jpg|[ Salt Spray Chamber]
|Image:ShovelAssembly.JPG|[ 3D Printed Shovel]
|Image:Pong Paddle.jpeg|[ 3D Printed Ping Pong Paddle]
Images to be added soon
Images to be added soon
===[[Custom Stand Up Paddleboard]]===
This project is a senior design project through [ BoardSport Technologies Enterprise] at Michigan Technological University.
===Future Projects===
*Enable bluetooth on Athena Printer through BBB
*[[Athena 24V Round Heated Bed]]
*[ Mostly Printed CNC]
*[ Laser Engraver Upgrade]
*[ Garmin Virb XE] mount for printer
*Build a computer
[[category:777-2015 People]]

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