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House insulation

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* Choice ones that "retard the flow of heat from one object to another"
* High "resistance to [[heat transfer]]
* Porous Materials are Great Insulators
- This is due to the air in the pores acts as a "Good [[insulator]]"
* Choose darker objects = better emitter and absorber
* Darker objects > absorber/emmitter emitter than white
* Thermos = bottle inside a bottle
- Device to reduce heat transfer
- 2 bottles seperated separated by a vaccum vacuum = > heat transfer from to inside chamber
==Types of Insulation==
**Fills small cracks/crevices easier
**Reduces air Leakage better
** Better sound reducer (then natt batt insulation)
** R-3 to R-4 value per inch
** Cellulose fiber > (by 30%) then loose-fill rock wool
**Sprayed on Wall, ceiling, and floor cavities
**Expands to sold cellular plastic with many air cavities
**Good for irregular shaped areas and around abstructionsobstructions
**Require specific machinery to spray/mix
'''IF YOU NEED HELP DETERMINING THE TYPE OF INSULATION, CONSULT A CONTRACTOR OR TRY THIS SITE <http://www.ornl.gov/sci/roofs+walls/insulation/ins_08.html>
==Proper Procedures==
*Monitor your energy usage form year to year*Call Local Power Company/Contractor about an [[energy audit]]* Meansure Measure depth of insulation between joists in attic if unheated*Re-caulk windows, doors, siding, dampers, vents
! Southern Zone
| '''Attic'''
| R38
| R30
| R26
| Temperate Zone'''Walls'''
| R19
| R19
| R19
| Southern Zone'''Floors'''
| R22
| R13
* Install a vapor barrier of 6-mil polyethylene on the warm-in-winter side of the insulation.
* Insulate the rim joists at the top of the foundation walls by filling them loosely with fiberglass insulation.
* Insulate an attached garage with faced fiberglass insulation, with the vapor barrior barrier facing into the garage.
* Don't compress insulation to fit: it needs air space to work effectively.
'''In the Attic'''
Estimated Costs (Energy and It's Uses in the Environment)
* Increased Insulation = save as much as 50% on heating/cooling bills
* Federal Minimum Property Standards could be reached nationwide is everyone saved atleast at least 15% of current heating demand.
--The minimum insulation recommendations are currently
*Celings Ceilings have to now have a [[R value]] of 38, not the previous 19*Wall's [[R Valuevalue]] should be 19, instead of the previous 11.*Floors should have a 11 [[R-value]], instead of the previous 22.
Thermal Resistance = [[R value]]
***Higher R-value = better insulating properties
R-Values Per Inch For Common Insulating Materials*
---For a broader table please follow this external link <http://www.coloradoenergy.org/procorner/stuff/r-values.htm>
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*"If the wind velocity increases to 15mph, the R-Value of the air film is decreased by 50%.
* Plant trees and schrubs shrubs near house to reduce wind effects.
==Common Mishapps When Insulating Your Own Home==
- Unsealed gaps around: Joists, sills, windows, no weatherstipping weather stipping around doors,
Exterior Vents (Water Connections, Kitchen/Bathroom Vents, Dampers/vents)
-Hinrichs and Kleinbach. "Energy It's Use and the Environment" 3rd Edition. Thomson Learning, New York, NY 2002.
- Almost any HOW TO BOOK. I love the Black and Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair. It contains a basic backround background and visual step by step procedure.
- "Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor" <http://rehabadvisor.pathnet.org/sp.asp?id=10783>
[[Category: Home Energy Conservation]][[Category: Heat-Transfer Controlconservation]]
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[[Category: How to properly insulate you HomeEnergy]][[Category: Insulating Your HomeHeating and cooling]]
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Useful Government Web Sites
*US.Deparment Department of Energy <http://www.eere.energy.gov/>
Grants to Fund Your New Project
*Energy Grants for Homeowners <http://www.elements.nb.ca/theme/building/energuide/grants.htm>To create a page related to Photovoltaics
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Such topics could be
* [[Caulking Procedures]]
* Windows
* [[Dampers]]* [[Heating Systems]]

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