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Weed wacker line as 3D printing filament

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* [[MOST Delta end effector for nylon]]
==Print settings==
===Printing with nylon===
*Glue the bed to avoid the prints popping off during printing.
===Printing with weed wacker trimmer line===
Using the Maxpower trimmer line and a TAZ Lulzbot printer, the following settings work to make decent quality prints:
The quality of the prints using these settings isn't great. After the first couple of layers, the material starts to "bubble" out of its defined layers.
===For taller, skinny objects===
To make one cylinder 60 mm tall with a 2.5 mm radius, two of these objects were printed side by side. When both objects were about 0.5 cm tall, one was forced to fail. While the other printed normally, all the extra material extruded for the failed cylinder was taken away manually. This made for a relatively high quality print with the weed wacker line.

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