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Athena Build Overview

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*Improved print quality
The design borrows heavily from the [ Most Delta Printer], keeping all of the features that have proven to be effective and adding some new. It has the same build volume but uses metal GT2 pulleys and GT2 timing belt with approximately twice the positioning precision of the MOST Delta. All electronics are tucked away under the build platform and wiring management is improved with the addition of built-in passages and anchor points in idler and motor ends. The design utilizes the improved [ MOST extruder_drive extruder drive] and the MOST Delta's end effector fitted with quick release pneumatic couplers for simplified assembly and easier maintenance. The open top makes for better use of wood and removes a resonator, making the machine quieter and more flexible.
Franklin firmware, while developed for all 3D printers, is a perfect fit for the Athena. It natively supports delta printers with built-in positioning algorithms that calculate delta movements (instead of tricking Cartesian firmwares into doing delta movements as has typically been done). It presents the control interface as a web page, meaning that '''no software installation is required on the client'''. It also includes all of the features necessary to take full advantage of Athena's flexibility. For more information, visit [ Franklin firmware github repository].

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