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| OS spectrometer being used to test soil with simplified nitrate test kit.
NECi's Nitrate Test Kits are enzyme based unlike other nitrate test kits commercially available. Enzymes are proteins, biologically derived, meaning that they are safe to handle and dispose of. These kits are easy to use and are excellent educational tools for learning about enzymatic activity, water quality, biochemistry, agriculture, and more. Ask about our "education discount" for classroom use. No laboratory training is required, and results are ready within 30 minutes.
Compact and lightweight kit design allows for easy instant on-site nitrate determination in the field.'' ''The US EPA and many states sponsor programs for citizens to monitor water quality in their community (More information from the EPA [ here]). These kits will measure nitrate in both fresh and salt water.
* [ Standard Range Water Nitrate Test Kit]
* [ Low Range Water Nitrate Test Kit]
* [ SDS for Simplified Field Test Kits]
In all cases you can get a rough estimate from the color chart - but to get precise readings as you would from a professional lab you need to use the open source photometer.
For more information on the test kits, contact NECi Superior Enzymes at 888.NITRATE or visit [].

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