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{{Belgiumnews}}| cellpadding="8" cellspacing="0"|- valign="top" | style="background:white" width="52%"|[[File:Brugge-Canal.jpg|424px]]<br clear-left>
== Sustainability initiatives ==
*[ 1000Bxl in Transition]
*[ Transitie Tervuren]
[ Sing for the climate]
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Energy_in_Belgium#Greenhouse_gas_emissions|Belgium, Greenhouse gas emissions]], [[wikipedia:Climate change in Belgium|Climate change in Belgium]]
=== Community energy === Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Solar power in Belgium|Solar power in Belgium]], [[wikipedia:Wind power in Belgium|Wind power in Belgium]]  === Cycling activism ===
[[wikia:criticalmass:List of rides#Belgium|Critical Mass bicycle rides in Belgium]] - Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:De Gordel|De Gordel]]: family cycling and walking event in the Brussels Periphery, [[wikipedia:Villo!|Villo!]]: public bicycle rental programme in Brussels-Capital Region
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:List_of_Fairtrade_settlements#Fairtrade_settlements_in_Belgium|Fairtrade settlements in Belgium]]
=== Food activism === {{#widget:YouTube|id=edNw2Z7Fht0}}
[ BEES coop], social, not-for-profit co-operative, Brussels - [ Ceinture Aliment-Terre liégoise] - (fr, nl, de) [], Foodfirst Information & Action Network- [ PermaFungi] === Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle === [ RREUSE] represents social enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling
=== Sharing ===
[ Cohousing in Belgium] | style="background:khaki" | __TOC__ == News and comment == '''2018''' A dazzlingly delicious taste of the future in Liége, Mar 27 <ref>[]</ref> Brussels to make public transport free on high air pollution days, Feb 26 <ref>[]</ref> '''2017''' Meet the Transition Pinball Wizards! Apr 27 <ref>[]</ref> European Commission honours Malmö and Brussels as leaders in sustainable mobility, Mar <ref>[]</ref> '''2016''' Car-free Belgium: why can't Brussels match [[Ghent]]'s pedestrianised vision? Nov 28 <ref>[]</ref> ​In Brussels, online food couriers launch their own platform co-op, Oct 13 <ref>[]</ref>  '''2015''' Potager Alhambra, Brussels, Belgium. October 28 <ref>[ Transition Network]</ref> Brussels: a car-free sunday 13 times in a row <ref>[] (''date not found'')</ref> How 22 Belgian streets turned into lively car-free parks this summer, September 4 <ref>[ Co.Exist]</ref> '''2014''' One-minute manifesto: give Brussels back its river – video, June 6 <ref>[]</ref> Brussels is one of the most ‘passive’ cities in Europe and soon to be the home of the two largest passive buildings in the continent, March 19 <ref>[ European Green Capital]</ref> == Events == '''2019''' '''Mar 21 - 24''' [ Citizen Spring]
=== Sustainable energy ==='''2016'''
Wikipedia: Sep 18 [[wikipediahttp:Solar power in Belgium|Solar power in Belgium]], [[wikipedia:Wind power in Belgium|Wind power // Car Free Sunday in Belgium]Brussels]
== Resources ==
*[ ‘Essential Guide to Doing Transition’ in French]
*How to organise sustainable meetings & events in Brussels, ([ PDF]) A practical guide,
=== Community resources ===
*[ Community Land Trust Brussels] Community Land Trust Brussels
=== Funding ===
[ BrusselsTogether], "lets you create a virtual association so that you can get started in no time and focus on what you want to do to improve Brussels"
=== Maps ===
Plasticfree options in Brussels, July 2015, [ Yes! my life is plasticless]
=== Video ===
=== Visions ===
[ Commons Josaphat]
== Local communities in {{PAGENAME}} ==
Image:Ghent April 2012-2.jpg|[[Ghent]]
Image:Greenwich park drawing1.jpg|[[Help:Creating a page|''Create a new page'']]
== Interwiki links ==
*[ Brussels Environment], administration of the environment and the energy of the Region of Brussels-Capital
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