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E215 Introduction to Design projects

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File:Spring08.JPG|<big><center>'''[[#Spring 2008: Discovery Museum|Spring 2008: Discovery Museum]]'''</center></big> <br> Design and build educational flume inserts for the Redwood Discovery Museum
==Spring 2015: Redwood Coast Montessori==
The Spring 2015 semester of [[ENGR215 Introduction to Design]] worked with [https://www.facebook.com/ZaneMiddleSchool Zane Middle School] to design and build sustainable educational infrastructure and apparatuses that supports K-8 education at their Eureka, CA location.
<gallery caption="[[E215 Introduction to Design projects|Spring 2015 - ENGR 215 Intro to Design Projects]] - Zane Middle School">
File:DGteampic.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School disc golf course|Disc golf course]]'''</center></big> A 9-hole disc golf course created from upcycled materials.
File:Final_Design_Triangle_of_Life.JPG|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School triangle of life|Triangle of Life]]'''</center></big> An aesthetically pleasing landscape that serves as a hub of activity for students.
File:Garden-conclusion.jpeg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School native memorial garden|Native memorial garden]]'''</center></big> An upgrade of the memorial garden including pervious concrete paths and native plants.
File:TeamLiveWire_Cover_Photo.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School rainwater gutter fix|Rainwater gutter fix]]'''</center></big> A simple gutter fix using upcycled street signs and designed to match the campus.
File:Zane Middle School Hill.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School animal visitation center|Animal visitation center]]'''</center></big> A chicken coop and separate goat enclosure that are both designed to be inside a classroom.
File:Zane resonance at the math fair.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School resonance demonstration|Resonance demonstration]]'''</center></big> A visual demonstration of resonance made from recycled redwood, subwoofer and metal.
File:20150422_215257.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School solar station|Solar station]]'''</center></big> A solar powered charging station that can power robots, phones, and any USB charable device.
File:GID_Painting3.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School probability machine GID|Probability machine]]'''</center></big> A 3ft x 5ft quincunx probability machine made from upcycled wear plates.
File:thumbnail_appropedia.png|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School Archimedes screwpump|Archimedes screwpump]]'''</center></big> A classroom device that demonstrates the engineering and science behind water transportation.
File:MultipleRocketLauncher.png|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School multiple rocket launcher|Multiple rocket launcher]]'''</center></big> A six-shot paper rocket launcher using PVC, solenoid valves, a Schrader valvevand a bicycle pump.
File:P1010120.JPG|<big><center>'''[[Zane Middle School recyclable cleaning station|Recyclable cleaning station]]'''</center></big> A cart used to clean cafeteria recyclables.
==Fall 2014: Redwood Coast Montessori==

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