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Mobile photovoltaic applications literature review

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Thin-film photovoltaic panels of 4.8 kW, as a part of hybrid system, comprising also two wind turbines, are used to serve electric load of a mobile medical clinic in Dominican Republic.
The thin-film PV amorphous silicon cells, produced by Ascent, are incorporated in the thermal fly of the tent.
Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are selected as this type is considered to be safer than Li-ion battery and allows to simplify the battery management system.   '''M. Suha Yazici, H. Ayhan Yavasoglu, M. Eroglu, 2013. A mobile off-grid platform powered with photovoltaic/wind/battery/fuel cell hybrid power systems. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38, 11639–11645.''' []. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2013.04.025 The mobile application of 2.7 kW energy production system, comprising 6 PV monocrystalline panels of 285 W each and 1 kW@12.5 m/s permanent magnet synchronous wind generator as a primary energy source; 6 units of 240 Ah, 12 V gel type batteries and 5000 standard litre 10 bar metal hydride hydrogen storage as primary and secondary energy storage, respectively; 10 bar PEM electrolyser with one standard litre per minute production capacity and water purifier. Electric load is shared by air conditioner, refrigerator, LCD TV, electrolyser, lighting, water heater. The application was deployed in Istanbul, Turkey.
'''Duran, D., Martinez, I., Weber, B., Rincon, E. Juarez, J., 2014. Design of a mobile photovoltaic module system for demonstration and experimentation. Energy Procedia 57, 32 – 38.''' [].

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