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Wikis for sustainable development

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* [[wikipedia:international development|International development]].
If you are keen to get involved with developing ''encyclopedic'' articles on these topics, you may want to check out these collaborations:
* [[wikipedia:WP:WPID|WikiProject International development]]
* [[wikipedia:wikipedia:WikiProject Environment|WikiProject Environment]]
===Finding wikis===
[[CentralWikiaWikiIndex:Society Gardens|WikiIndex]]: A summary of active, established Wikia sites on serious topics (ie not entertainment or gaming)lists and categorizes many wikis.
[[WikiIndexCentralWikia:|WikiIndexSociety Gardens]] lists and categorizes many wikis: A summary of active, established Wikia sites on serious topics (ie not entertainment or gaming).
Many more can be found with a search engine such as [http://google.com Google]. Many of these wikis are not very active, but it may be valuable to contact the community and explore possibilities for collaboration, perhaps joining with a more active community of editors such as Appropedia.
===Health and environment===
'''''[http://heande.pyrkilo.fi/heande/index.php/Welcome_to_Heande Heande]''''', an abbreviation for '''Health, the Environment, and - Everything''' is a wiki-based website for helping decisions about human health, and environmental factors affecting it.
===Technology and design===
'''''[[wikia:future:Main_Page|Future]]''''' is a Wikia about futurology, technology
foresight, and futures studies. This wiki aims to develop
future forecasts (using scenarios, timelines, etc.),
and to write speculative articles on future topics.
The wiki's logo is a combination of a nanogear and the
A molecule, which signifies the importance of
nanotech and biotech. The "[[wikia: ]]" brackets show that
it's a wiki.
=== Philosophy of open source, open licenses, free culture ===
'''''[http://p2pfoundation.net/ The Foundation for P2P Alternatives - P2P Foundation]''''':
We function as a clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/p2p and commons-oriented initiatives.
We aim to be a pluralist network to document, research, and promote peer to peer alternatives. Our political aims could be summarized under the following maxims:
1. ending the destruction of the biosphere by abandoning the dangerous conceptions of pseudo-abundance in the natural world (i.e. based on the assumption that natural resources are infinite);
2. promoting free cultural exchange by abandoning the innovation-inhibiting conceptions of pseudo-scarcity in the cultural world (i.e. based on the assumption that the free flow of culture needs to be restricted through excessive copyrights etc...).
'''''[http://www.sphereofnetworks.org Sphere of Networks]''''': (note - the ''P2P Foundation'' and ''Sphere of Networks'' are working together.{{fact}}
This is a website that explains the diverse movement that is promoting Freedom of Information, or whatever else it might be called (free culture, open source culture, etc.), and its associated ideas.
It has different levels:
* green ''Nutshell'' level - simple overview of these ideas,
* blue ''Overview'' - more comprehensive but still straightforward.
* red ''Details'' level - everybody is welcomed to contribute more in-depth information and write and talk.
==How tos==
== Not directly related Resource wikis ==
These wikis may be useful (e.g. research tools) or involve likeminded people (activist sites)for building Appropedia as a project.
http://search.wikia.com/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<br>The '''''[[wikia:search:Main_Page|Search]]''''' Wikia accompanies the development of the Wikia search engine===Translation, an open source search engine with user editable search results.The search index is being created using the Wikiasari http://search.wikia.com/index.php/Wikiasari software, which is currently in a beta version.This Wikia serves as a sounding board for ideas and development, and a place for the search community to discuss the project. <br><br>interlanguage issues===
The '''''[[wikia:translation:Main_Page|Translation]]''''' Wikia is for collaborative
translation will be included.
 ==Other WikiNodes==*[http://futuresca21.wikiawikicities.com/imageswiki/b/bc/Wiki.png<br>Sustainable_Community_Action:WikiNode Sustainable Community Action WikiNode]'''''* [[wikia:futureworldcitizen:Main_PageWikiNode|Futureworld-citizen-wiki's wikinode]] ==Non-wiki collaborative sites==:''''' This is a Wikia about futurology, technology foresight, tentative list and futures studiesprobably needs cleaning up. This wiki aims to develop ''future forecasts *[http://www.worldchanging.com Worldchanging] (using scenarios, timelines, etcchoose a category and click "Go." Some interesting appropriate technology articles.), and to write speculative articles on future topics*[http://www.fullbellyblog.blogspot.com Full Belly Blog]The wiki's logo is *[http://www.howstuffworks.com/ HowStuffWorks] - covers a combination wide range of a nanogear and the topics.A molecule, which signifies *[http://www.crest.org/discussiongroups/index.html CREST] has some good discussion pages - see also the importance links on left side of nanotech and biotech. The "[[wikiahttp: //www.crest.org/discussiongroups/resources/ this page]]" brackets show that .  
it's a wiki.

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