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Practivistas Dominicana Program invitation

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'''<font size="5">Note:'''<br /></font>'''
'''<font size="4">2015 Application is now Applications open, and must be completed soon!again in 2020</font></div>
==Tentative Details==
* Saturday, May 23rd - Saturday, July 4th, 2015Summer 2017
* $3,860 (includes room, board, units, classroom facilities and deposit)
* $120 health insurance
#Complete [https://humboldt-international.terradotta.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Security.Login&Program_ID=15208&Referer=index%2Ecfm%3FFuseAction%3DStudents%2EApply%26Program_ID%3D15208 Program Application]. '''Due Date: 3.23.1518'''
# Complete Interview with HSU Practivistas Program Director, Lonny Grafman.
[[File:ChiapasVenn.png|thumb|right|400px|Venn Diagram of the three program courses.]]
===Important Dates===
In addition to monthly meetings, these are some of the '''tentativeVERY TENTATIVE''' important dates of the program:
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| Application due
|Monday, March 23rd19th
| Last day for interview
| Friday, March 27th 30th (or by special arrangement)
| Deposit of $300 due
| Friday, April 9th 6th (or by special arrangement)
| Final Payment due
| Monday, May 4th7th, 20152018
| Pre-trip orientation
| Arrive Santo Domingo
| May 23rd26th, 20152018
| Class orientation
| May 25th28th, 20152018
| Last class - Final Presentation
| July 3rd6th, 20152018
| Last day of home-stay
| July 4th7th, 20152018
[[File:Practivistas yes no registration for units.JPG|right|thumb|300px|Credit flowchart for Practivistas]]
Don't let the engineering courses fool you. This program is not just for engineers. The best solutions to the toughest problems come from the most diverse teams. We are open to all majors and community members as well.
The main courses for the summer program, totaling eight semester units, are as follows:
* 2 Units of Spanish: '''SPAN 250''', Conversational Spanish
* 6 units (two of the following courses), depending on your track: '''ENGR 308''' Technology and the Environment (Upper Division Area B GE), '''ENVS 410''' Environmental Science practicum, '''ENGR 305''' Appropriate Technology (Upper Division Area B GE), '''ENGR 215''' Introduction to Design   Note: This list is tentative. Exceptions and alternates can be made in some special cases (especially when a student has already completed one of the courses).

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