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Parras Assignments

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added 6/18 and 6/19 due dates
****Review multiple sources.... okay, okay.... Review at least five different, credible sources.
****Review different parts of your project, e.g. building a vermiculture system for a local school necessitates information on vermiculuture, construction, curriculum integration and more.
===Due Sunday 6/18===
Read on [[:Category:Adobe|Adobe]]
===Due Monday 6/19===
*Before class
**Next update of your project.
**Should include:
***All of the steps that you have taken so far.
****Photos will augment the delineation of your steps nicely. See [[DIF Adobe Senior Center]] for an example of the gallery tool.
***A proposed list of materials and budget.
****This will take some time to figure out.
****Use the [[:category:Parras Supplies|Parras Supplies]] page to help find what you need.
***A detailed timeline of activities .
****I understand that this timeline will be just tentative. This timeline will help us foresee problems. Please adjust, as the project proceeds, to reflect reality and highlight problems, e.g. bottlenecks and underestimations.
****Remember that the project is due in Week 9 and the writeup in Week 10.
==Assignments to Lonny==

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