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Well thank you for your input anyways. As a matter of fact, we are printing out this hold
== Open-source syringe pump ==
Professor Pearce,
I am attempting to recreate your Open-Source syringe pump. I've done all the steps but am stuck at the very last one: "9.Plug everything into an outlet and turn on the router. Look to see that your computer recognizes the network. Once it does, switch over to that network and open up your web browser. Type in the address bar: pi.local:8080. NOTE: This is only the address if a version of Linux is in use. We have no practical way to get the address on Windows or Mac, however it does work on Windows and Mac if the name can be obtained."
My computer and raspberry pi are hooked up to the network, which I can access. I just don't know what to type in the address bar. Does "pi.local:8080" only work if the computer runs Linux? How can I find out what the address is on Windows? Or should I just install Linux on my computer?
Thank you!


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