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British Columbia

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== Sustainability initiatives ==
*[ Alberni Valley Transition Town Society]
*[ Transition Town Sooke]
*[ UVic Sustainability Project] (University of Victoria)
*[ Village Surrey Transition Initiative]
=== Ecovillages ===
*[ Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative] - [ ning site]
*[ Lightwork Ecovillage], Gambier Island, BC
*[ O.U.R. Ecovillage]
*[ Yarrow Ecovillage]
=== Community involvement ===
[http://www.dogwoodinitiativedogwoodbc.orgca/ Dogwood Initiative] wants to make British Columbia the global model for sustainable land reform.
=== Food activism ===
[ Sooke Region Food CHI] (Community Health Initiative)
[ Cumberland Community Forest Society]
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== News and comment ==
The first fully-electric double decker bus in North America unveiled today! Oct 13 <ref>[ @Victoria Buzz]</ref>
Great Bear Rainforest agreement creates 'a gift to the world', February 1 <ref>[ CBC News]</ref>
This Canadian city is putting climate change warnings on its gas pumps, November 17 <ref>[]</ref>
Opinion: Why Vancouver Island's Walbran Valley rainforest matters, November 12 <ref>[]</ref>
Opinion: B.C. needs a poverty-reduction plan, November 27 <ref>[]</ref>
== Events ==
May 26 - June 1 [ Bike to Work BC]
== Resources ==
=== Maps ===
[ Alberni Valley Food Map]
[ BC Clean Energy Jobs Map]
== Local communities in {{PAGENAME}} ==
Image:English Bay, Vancouver, BC.jpg|[[Vancouver]]
Image:Greenwich park drawing1.jpg|[[Help:Creating a page|''Create a new page'']]
== Interwiki links ==
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:British Columbia|British Columbia]], [[wikipedia:List of protected areas of British Columbia|List of protected areas of British Columbia]], [[wikipedia:List of British Columbia Provincial Parks|List of British Columbia Provincial Parks]]
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