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Trinidad and Tobago

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== Environmental issues ==
Environmental issues are water pollution from agricultural chemicals, industrial wastes, and raw sewage; oil pollution of beaches; deforestation; soil erosion. {{W|Environment_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago#Environmental issues}}
== Initiatives by topic ==
=== Biodiversity ===
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Trinidad_and_Tobago#Biodiversity|BiodiversityOn 1 August 1996, Trinidad and Tobago]]ratified the 1992 Rio Convention on Biological Diversity, and it has produced a biodiversity action plan and four reports describing the country's contribution to biodiversity conservation. The reports formally acknowledged the importance of biodiversity to the well-being of the country's people through provision of ecosystem services. {{W|Trinidad_and_Tobago#Biodiversity}}
=== Education for sustainability ===
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=== Calendar =Events ==
[ Red Earth Festival 2011]
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Trinidad and Tobago|Trinidad and Tobago]], [[wikipedia:Environment of Trinidad and Tobago|Environment of Trinidad and Tobago]]
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