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Redwood Coast Montessori climbing wall

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The purpose of this project is to replace the current play structure at the [[Redwood Coast Montessori]] School (RCMS) and the Manila Community Center, located in Manila, CA. [[Redwood Coast Montessori]] is a school with 80 students that range from Kindergarten-Six grade. The children's education is formed around hands on learning rather than traditional classrooms, desks, and whiteboards. The students are allowed to express their own interest in how they want to learn throughout each day. Like regular public schools, they're allowed to go outside and play during their scheduled recess times, but unlike regular public schools, the only play structure that they have is a log. The Gridiron team from [[HSU ]] Engr 215 design class was assigned the task of coming up with a play structure for the school,which ties into their hands on style of learning. A representative from RCM met with the students weekly to work on the design and help to get the projects implemented into the school. The board of directors have to give the final approval for the play structure to be installed.
== Background ==
[[Redwood Coast Montessori]] currently has a log as their only play structure and it is located outside on the field. as you can see in figure 2. Team Gridiron is composed of four [[HSU ]] students enrolled in Lonny Grafman's ENGR 215 design class and they are Dylan Kinser, Miquan Johnson, Tony Mitchell, and Gregory Olivas. After meetings with a representative from the school, and a lot of information regarding possibilities of how they'd like the play structure to be built. Team Gridiron decided on criteria that the play structure would have to fit. This allowed the design ideas to narrow down to what could really be built and after researching all of the aspects regarding a play structure for an elementary school in a dune ecosystem everything was taken into account. A delphi matrix allowed team Gridiron to come up with the top four choices of the play structure. In the end, a vote within the team decided to build a traverse rock climbing wall for the school. Local rock climbing gyms helped give advice on how to put the wall together and with professional advice from [[HSU]]'s staff, the final design was finally decided on. After over 100 hours of implementation spent on the climbing wall, and generous discounts and donations from [[Almquist Lumber]], [[The Mill Yard]], [[Far North Climbing Gym]], and [[Mckenny's]], everything is ready to be put together. An approval from the board of directors is the last step prior to fully installing the climbing wall.
[[Image:RCMLog.jpeg|right|thumb|Fig 2: RCM Current Play Structure]]


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