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==Rain Water BottlerTitle of the device or system == Project developed by [jfhicksyour name linked to your user account]
You can help Appropedia by contributing to the next step in this [[OSAT]]'s [[:Category:Status|status]].
# This device collects rain water in a water bottle or any container that has standard bottle threads. It includes a purge container that collects Paragraph description of the initial dirty rain water. The reason this water OSAT - why is dirty is due to the sediment that collects on it Appropriate? What need does it fulfil? Are there case studies you have found of a roof between rain cycles. Once the purge container is filled a ball floats to the top and closes of this container and the clean rain water is diverted into the water being used successfully?# Picture of Rain Water Collectorcompleted print using [[image:Rain water collectorname-of-your-image.jpgpng|500px|right]]
== Bill of Materials==
# All compents are 3D printable but glue is Provide a full BOM -- Materials needed to secure the purge main to the bottle collector and a container with standard bottle thread is need to collect clean water.# The file used for the bottle neck threads fabrication of device and funnel were designed by laird can be found here [http:alternative materials if they are not available, prices//]## Image sources of Parts [[image:Water Bottle Filler non-printable parts.jpg|100px|right]]##Water Collector Purge scad[[Water collector purge.scad]]##Water Collector Purge stl[[Water Collector Purge .stl]]## Water Purge Pipe SCAD[[File:Purge pipe.scad]]## Water Purge Pipe STL [[File:Purge pipe.stl]]## ScrewBall Desigend by JamieLaing Upload and must be scaled to .55. link to all source []files## Water collector filler.scad [[File:Water collector filler.scad]]##Water collector filler.stl [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]## Water collector funnel.scad [[File:Water collector funnel.scad]]## Water collector funnel.stl [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]Upload and link to all STLs
== Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT==
# [[Delta_Build_Overview:MOST| MOST Delta RepRap]] or similar RepRap 3-D printer
# Liquid glue ex: Super Glue or 5 Min Epoxy
== Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the OSAT ==
* Basic 3D printer knowledgeIf you used special skill – link to relevant wikipedia or wikiversity articles/courses
== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
To # Provide directions for print/assembly - be detailed enough in your “how to” to ensure that someone could construct the rain water collector ## Print out device from your description. Consider the following parts using supports* Water Collector Purge [[Water Collector Purge elegance of IKEA like instructions.stl]]* Water Purge Pipe [[File:Purge pipe.stl]]# Include print time estimate* Water collector filler [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]* Water collector funnel [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]# Include assembly time estimate## Then you have to scale Including drawings or pictures of the ScrewBall by .55 in your slicer ex. Cura* ScrewBall [[File:Screwball 7device at stage of assembly at minimum.stl]] Source [(http://www.thingiverseappropedia.comorg/thingSpecial:61205]Upload)## Insert the Water Collector Purge Part into the Water Collector Filler with a bead of liquid glue on the connectorConsider video if appropriate{|style="border:1px solid #73BF73; background-color: # Screw the ball together E6FFE6; margin-left:.1em; margin-top:2px; -moz-border-radius:15px;" align="right" width="150px"## Optional: Add a bead !<big>Example video summary of glue around ball seam to insure ball is water tighttextbook</big>## Place the ball inside the purge pipe |-|<center>{{## Place the purge pipe over the open pipe on the Water Collector Purge partwidget:YouTube|id=yiJDx9dCfEQ}} </center>## Insert the Water Collector Funnel in the open hole on the Water Collector Purge part|-## Screw Water bottle into the final pipe on the Water Collector Filler  # 15 Hrs# Under 5 mins|}
=== Common Problems and Solutions===
* Include common mistakes/problems to avoid in building your OSAT and how to overcome them
== Cost savings==
# Calculate $ savings and % savings
== Components References==
##Water Collector Purge scad[[Water collector purge* The sources of information (e.scad]]##Water Collector Purge stl[[Water Collector Purge g.stl]]## Water Purge Pipe SCAD[[File:Purge pipeengineering handbooks, journal articles, government documents, webpages, books, magazine articles etc.scad]]## Water Purge Pipe STL [[File:Purge pipe).stl]]## ScrewBall References should use the <nowiki> <ref> </ref> and <references/> Desigend by JamieLaing </nowiki>tags and must can be scaled in any format but should include all the information necessary for someone else to find the same information you did.55. link to source [For example: <ref> web page: Department of Energy (DOE) Landscaping and Energy Efficiency, DOE/GO-10095 (1995) Available:]## Water collector fillerfactsheets/landscape.scad [[File:Water collector filler.scad]]##Water collector filler.stl [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]## Water collector funnel.scad [[File:Water collector funnel.scad]]## Water collector funnel.stl [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]html</ref>
## Image of Parts <references/> <nowiki>Based on the developmental needs addressed (e.g. food, heat, electricity, clean water, health care, etc.) be sure to label your device in the proper categories e.g. use [[imageCategory:Water Bottle Filler parts.jpg|100px|right]]. Be sure to categorize your device so that it will be easy to find – for example “Low voltage connection basics” is categorized in
[[Category:How tos]]
[[Category:How tos]]
[[Category:Electric lighting]].

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