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777 OSAT projects 2014

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==Title of the device or system Rain Water Bottler== Project developed by [your name linked to your user accountjfhicks]
You can help Appropedia by contributing to the next step in this [[OSAT]]'s [[:Category:Status|status]].
# Paragraph description of This device collects rain water in a water bottle or any container that has standard bottle threads. It includes a purge container that collects the OSAT - why initial dirty rain water. The reason this water is it Appropriate? What need does it fulfil? Are there case studies you have found of dirty is due to the sediment that collects on a technology being used successfully?roof between rain cycles. Once the purge container is filled a ball floats to the top and closes of this container and the clean rain water is diverted into the water bottle. # Picture of completed print using Rain Water Collector[[image:name-of-your-imageRain water collector.pngjpg|500px|right]]
== Bill of Materials==
# Provide a full BOM -- Materials All compents are 3D printable but glue is needed to secure the purge main to the bottle collector and a container with standard bottle thread is need to collect clean water.# The file used for fabrication of device the bottle neck threads and alternative materials if they are not available, pricesfunnel were designed by laird can be found here [http:/sources /]## Image of non-printable Parts [[image:Water Bottle Filler parts.jpg|100px|right]]## Upload Water Collector Purge scad[[Water collector purge.scad]]##Water Collector Purge stl[[Water Collector Purge .stl]]## Water Purge Pipe SCAD[[File:Purge pipe.scad]]## Water Purge Pipe STL [[File:Purge pipe.stl]]## ScrewBall Desigend by JamieLaing and must be scaled to .55. link to all source files[]## Upload and link to all STLsWater collector filler.scad [[File:Water collector filler.scad]]##Water collector filler.stl [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]## Water collector funnel.scad [[File:Water collector funnel.scad]]## Water collector funnel.stl [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]
== Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT==
# [[Delta_Build_Overview:MOST| MOST Delta RepRap]] or similar RepRap 3-D printer
#Liquid glue ex: Super Glue or 5 Min Epoxy
== Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the OSAT ==
* If you used special skill – link to relevant wikipedia or wikiversity articles/coursesBasic 3D printer knowledge
== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
# Provide directions for print/assembly - be detailed enough in your “how to” to ensure that someone could To construct the device from your description. Consider rain water collector ## Print out the elegance of IKEA like instructionsfollowing parts using supports* Water Collector Purge [[Water Collector Purge .stl]]# Include print time estimate* Water Purge Pipe [[File:Purge pipe.stl]]# Include assembly time estimate* Water collector filler [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]* Water collector funnel [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]# Including drawings or pictures of # Then you have to scale the device at stage of assembly at minimumScrewBall by .55 in your slicer ex. Cura* ScrewBall [[File:Screwball 7. (stl]] Source [http://www.appropediathingiverse.orgcom/Specialthing:Upload)61205]# Consider video if appropriate# Insert the Water Collector Purge Part into the Water Collector Filler with a bead of liquid glue on the connector{|style="border:1px solid #73BF73; background-color: #E6FFE6; margin-left:.1em; margin-top:2px; -moz-border-radius:15px;" align="right" width="150px"Screw the ball together !<big>Example video summary ## Optional: Add a bead of textbook</big>glue around ball seam to insure ball is water tight|-## Place the ball inside the purge pipe |<center>{{#widget:YouTube|id=yiJDx9dCfEQ}} </center># Place the purge pipe over the open pipe on the Water Collector Purge part|-## Insert the Water Collector Funnel in the open hole on the Water Collector Purge part|}## Screw Water bottle into the final pipe on the Water Collector Filler  # 15 Hrs# Under 5 mins
=== Common Problems and Solutions===
* Include common mistakes/problems to avoid in building your OSAT and how to overcome them
== Cost savings==
# Calculate $ savings and % savings
==ReferencesComponents ==
* The sources of information (e##Water Collector Purge scad[[Water collector purge.gscad]]##Water Collector Purge stl[[Water Collector Purge . engineering handbooks, journal articles, government documents, webpages, books, magazine articles etcstl]]## Water Purge Pipe SCAD[[File:Purge pipe.)scad]]## Water Purge Pipe STL [[File:Purge pipe. References should use the <nowiki> <ref> </ref> and <references/> stl]]## ScrewBall </nowiki>tags Desigend by JamieLaing and can must be in any format but should include all the information necessary for someone else scaled to find the same information you did. For example: <ref> web page: Department of Energy (DOE) Landscaping and Energy Efficiency, DOE/GO-10095 (1995) Available: 55. link to source []## Water collector filler.html</ref>scad [[File:Water collector filler.scad]]##Water collector filler.stl [[File:Water collector filler.stl]]## Water collector funnel.scad [[File:Water collector funnel.scad]]## Water collector funnel.stl [[File:Water collector funnel.stl]]
<references/> <nowiki>Based on the developmental needs addressed (e.g. food, heat, electricity, clean water, health care, etc.) be sure to label your device in the proper categories e.g. use ## Image of Parts [[Categoryimage:WaterBottle Filler parts.jpg|100px|right]]. Be sure to categorize your device so that it will be easy to find – for example “Low voltage connection basics” is categorized in
[[Category:How tos]]
[[Category:How tos]]
[[Category:Electric lighting]].

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