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Micro-Turbines for Water Power

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Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions
== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
# Provide directions for print/assembly - be detailed enough in your “how to” to ensure that someone could construct Slide the device from your description. Consider blades into the elegance of IKEA like instructionsslots so the wheel handles are facing out.# Include print time estimate# Include assembly time estimate# Including drawings or pictures if friction isn't sufficient to hold the blades then add a small amount of epoxy onto the device at stage inside of assembly at minimumthe wheel on the blades for more secure fit. ( Consider video if appropriate
=== Common Problems and Solutions===
* Include common mistakes/problems to avoid in building your OSAT and how to overcome themPoorly fitting blades, or broken wheel spokes are both fixable with a small amount of epoxy
== Cost savings==

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