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Practivistas Dominicana Program invitation

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* Saturday, May 23rd - Saturday, July 4th, 2015
* $3,650 (includes room, board, units, classroom facilities and deposit)
* 8 Units: 2 Units of Spanishand six units (two of the following courses), depending on your track - ENGR 308 Technology and the Environment (Upper Division Area B GE), 3 Units ENVS 410 Environmental Science 370practicum, 3 Units Engineering 305 (Upper Division Area B GE) or special arrangement alternate such as Engineering , ENGR 215 (note that units are very tentative)Introduction to Design
* Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* Partners: [ Colectivo Revark] (cultural liaisons and more), UNIBE (University), Appropedia (Information sharing)

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