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Practivistas Dominicana Program invitation

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In the summer of 2014 the students collaborated with three communities in Santo Domingo. The students and community members worked together to create:
*[[Arroyo Norte sustainable market materials|Sustainable market materials]] in Arroyo Norte. This was the first year that the practivistas got to work with the community of Arroyo Norte.
*An improved [[Practivistas La Yuca rainwater 2014|rainwater catchment system]] for the La Yuca schoolroom, a [[Las Malvinas rainwater feasibility study 2014|feasibility study]] for a potential rainwater catchment system in Las Malvinas, and a [[Practivistas Las Malvinas rainwater 2014|rainwater catchment system]] for a pharmacy in Las Malvinas.
*A [[Las Malvinas community center shade|shade structure]] made from bamboo, bilboard material, and zinc for the community center in Las Malvinas.
*A series of tests on various [[Hullkrete and fiber-crete|eco-blocks]] to assess the potential of cinder blocks that use less concrete and more of materials like sawdust, paper, and coconut.
*A [[Las Malvinas destacamento|destacamento]] (police station) in Las Malvinas made with some of the eco-blocks created in the community.
*A [[Practivistas La Yuca renewable energy 2014|renewable energy system for the La Yuca schoolroom]], and a [[Ghetto2Garden renewable energy 2014|renewable energy system for Ghetto2Garden]].
This program is open to all skill levels, but does require some ability to do manual work and move around. Expect to work hard, learn a bunch, build lasting projects and friendships.

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