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Practivistas Dominicana Program invitation

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File:Building_a_bottle_wall10.JPG| La Yuca ecoladrillo schoolroom ([[La Yuca ecoladrillo schoolroom 2011|2011]])
File:LYfloor2.JPG|La Yuca schoolroom renovation ([[La Yuca schoolroom renovation|2013]])
File:LaYucaRainwater2012-oldfirstflush.jpg|La Yuca rainwater catchment ([[Practivistas La Yuca rainwater 2014|2014]]) ([[La Yuca rainwater catchment 2013|2013]]) ([[La Yuca rainwater catchment 2012|2012]]) ([[La Yuca rainwater catchment 2011|2011]])File:LaYucaSolar.jpg|La Yuca small scale renewable energy ([[Practivistas La Yuca renewable energy 2014|2014]]) ([[La Yuca small scale renewable energy 2012|2012]]) ([[La Yuca small scale renewable energy 2011|2011]])
File:LMMallaOnTheOutside.jpg|Las Malvinas ecoladrillo schoolroom ([[Las Malvinas ecoladrillo schoolroom|2012]])
File:Las Malvinas Botica Popular News Channel 5.JPG|Las Malvinas botica popular fiber-crete ([[Las Malvinas botica popular hullkrete 2013|2013]]) ([[Hullkrete and fiber-crete 2013|20132014]])
File:2013ecoladrillo1.JPG|Las Malvinas botica popular ecoladrillo ([[Las Malvinas botica popular ecoladrillo 2013|2013]])
File:Las_malvinas_rainwater_catchment_systemConnectingtinaco2014.jpg|Las Malvinas rainwater catchment system ([[Practivistas Las Malvinas rainwater 2014|2014]]) ([[Las Malvinas rainwater feasibility study 2014|2014 Feasibility]]) ([[Las Malvinas Rainwater Catchment System|2013]]) File:SDC11892.JPG|Ghetto2Garden solar power ([[Practivistas Ghetto2Garden renewable energy 2014|2014]]) ([[Ghetto2Garden solar power|2013]])File:Collageofprototypes.jpg|Arroyo Norte sustainable market materials ([[Arroyo Norte sustainable market materials|2014]])File:LasMalvinas Destacamento finalwall1.jpg|Las Malvinas destacamento ([[Las Malvinas destacamento|2014]])File:Final Community Shade2.jpg|Las Malvinas community shade structure ([[Las Malvinas community center shade|2014]])


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