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Bayside Park Farm solar dehydrator

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The top piece of the dehydrator box was simple to attach: after some minor trimming in order to account for a small amount of warp in one of the side panels, we used one of our 4-foot pieces of pine and secured it at the top of the side and back pieces using wood screws. However, due to the necessary 40-degree angle of the side pieces, we had a small "lip" that jutted out past the sloped front face of our dehydrator, which needed to be eliminated if our Plexiglass were to lay flush with the box edges. We were able to borrow a hand planer from one of [[User:jby5|Justin's]] awesome neighbors, and quickly managed to whittle the lip down to be flush with the sloped front edge.
With the box complete, we needed to attach our transparent medium. We'd decided on acrylic (Plexiglass) instead of pane glass because of its light weight and durability; it needed to be able to stand up to the occasional bump or over-eager closing without shattering. Additonally, using acrylic allowed us to mount hinges directly to the transparent surface: however, this opened the door to a lengthy debate over where and how the hinges should be mounted. After some time, we decided that in order to keep the window as close to the frame as possible to minimize gaps, we'd mount one side the hinge to the top of the bottom piecedehydrator "floor", then "wrap" the hinge around the window and fasten the other side of the hinge to the outside of the pane. This can be seen [[Media:Finished_Dehydrator.JPG|here]].
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