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== Sustainability initiatives ==
*[ Sustain Dane]
== Initiatives by topic ==
=== Community energy === [ Focus on Energy], statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy - Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Solar power in Wisconsin|Solar power in Wisconsin]] === Cycling activism ===
:[[wikipedia:Oak Leaf Trail|Oak Leaf Trail]]: The Oak Leaf Trail (formerly 76 Bike Trail) is a paved 108-mile (174 km) multi-use recreational trail which encircles Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clearly marked trail segments connect all of the major parks in the Milwaukee County Park System with a "ribbon of green."
=== Education for sustainability ===
Wikipedia: [[wikipediahttp:List of nature centers in Wisconsin|List of nature centers in Wisconsin]// Urban Ecology Center]
=== Sustainable energy ===Wikipedia: :[[wikipedia:List of nature centers in Wisconsin|List of nature centers in Wisconsin]]
:[[httpswikipedia://focusonenergyUrban Ecology Center|Urban Ecology Center]], nonprofit organization in Milwaukee, Focus on Energy]Their mission is to educate the Milwaukee community about the environment, conservation, sustainability, and other issues related to urban ecology, statewide program for energy efficiency as well as to preserve and renewable energy - Wikipedia: [[wikipediaprotect the natural areas in the city. The organization is headquartered in the Riverside Park neighborhood. There are two other branches:Solar power the Washington Park branch which opened in Wisconsin|Solar power 2007 and the Menomonee Valley branch which opened in Wisconsin]]2012.
=== Sustainable transport activism ===
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:List of hiking trails in Wisconsin|List of hiking trails in Wisconsin]]
=== Towards sustainable economies ===
Allied Community Co-op is the first Mutual Aid Network pilot site. It’s where some of the organization’s fundamental ideas were born. Located in a food desert with little infrastructure (no school, grocery store, library, or neighborhood center), the Allied Co-op is working to bring a food buying club and a cooperatively-owned grocery store to the neighborhood.
The [ Social Justice Center], a multi-stakeholder nonprofit building in Madison's affluent East Side, is a convening partner in exploring Madison's second Mutual Aid Network pilot, which will be an inter-city partnership connecting Allied Co-op and many other local stakeholders in a network of resource-sharing and exchange initiative designed to create more equitable distribution of existing resources across the city. <ref>[ Shareable]</ref>
=== Urban sustainability ===
[ Walnut Way Conservation Corp], 501(c)(3) nonprofit neighborhood organization, Milwaukee
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== News and comment ==
Community-Led Commercial Hub Is Transforming Milwaukee’s Poorest Neighborhood, Nov 9 <ref>[]</ref>
Growing Power grows fish, veggies, and community with aquaponic farm, January 6 <ref>[]</ref>
== Resources ==
[ Energy Profile for Wisconsin], Economic, environmental, and energy data
=== Community resources ===
*[ Madison Area Community Land Trust], (MACLT), non-profit based in Madison, that sells high-quality, energy-efficient homes at below market prices to low-moderate income households
*[ Social Justice Center], Madison
== See also ==
*[[Food USA#External links]]
== Interwiki links ==
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