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Parras Assignments

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Homework assignments for Parras Program Summer 2006.
==Tentative Schedule of Extra Events==
*Thursday, 6/8, 5-10PM: Meet at UTC, walk to Perote, bring bathing suit, sun protection, water, climbing shoes.
*Saturday, 6/17, 8AM: - Meet at UTC, all day trip to Nariqua, bring sun protection, alot of water, climbing shoes.
==Gaviotas Reading==
**Electricity Problemset
**Post your two AT implementations to [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]]. Make sure to log in to your own account before posting and to follow the directions at the [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]] page.
===Due Wednesday 6/7===
*Before class
**One scrap piece of paper containing an error in the HowStuffWorks article on [ Hydropower].
***''If you can not find an error, just turn in a scrap stating that you tried.''
*Before end of day
**Introduction writeup of your project
***Include answers to the questions who/what/why/when/where as best as you can. Be specific when possible, but I understand that some of this may change in the next week or two.
***Review literature, provide links for internet resources and resource names for print media, describe your findings.
****This is to educate yourself on your project.
****Do not use this literature review for editorilizing or making design decisions.
****Review multiple sources.... okay, okay.... Review at least five different, credible sources.
****Review different parts of your project, e.g. building a vermiculture system for a local school necessitates information on vermiculuture, construction, curriculum integration and more.
==Assignments to Lonny==

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