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==Emily Hunt==
Emily Hunt is an I am a second year undergraduate student at [[Michigan Technological University]] majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and working on an International Minor in German Language and Culture, a Minor in Mathematical Sciences and a Leadership Certificate from the Pavlis Institute of Global Technological Leadership. Her My research interests include are electronic materials, plastics polymers and polymersplastic recycling, opensource hardware and open-source hardware3D Printing.
==Projects=Education==='''Syringe Pump'''
[http://www;|Syringe Pump Literature Review]Materials Science and Engineering, Michigan Technological University :International Minor in German Language and Culture :Minor in Mathematical Sciences :Pavlis Certificate
[|Motor Force Protocol]===Current Projects===
[http://wwwI am currently working on creating a filament for rapid prototypers that is conductive, working with the recyclebot to recycle filament and introduce the material that will make the plastic|Digital Mass Protocol]
'''DeltaBot Build and Workshops''' [|Delta Build Overview] '''Automated Microscope Stage''' [| Lit Review] ===Publications===- * G.C Anzalone, E.J. Hunt, B. Wijnen, and J.M. Pearce, ''Open Source Syringe Pump Library'', PLOSOne, 2014- Emily J. Hunt, Chenlong Zhang, Nick Anzalone, and Joshua M. Pearce,
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