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10' Hexayurt

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{{Hexayurt header}}
<font color="red">'''Join us for the 5th Annual Black Rock City The Hexayurt Happy Hour, Burning Man 2013Rides Again! 8/27/14. Wednesday the 28th27th (of burn-week), 1-4 pm, at Playagon VillageYurtopia, 89:45 & D30 and and E. We'll be serving Serving: Gin and Tonics, the Official Drink of the Hexayurt Project. More beverages, shwagschwag, costumes, and snacks welcome. Extra points if they're hexagonal. Clothing optional, but remember: silver is the new black.; Silver or Hexagonal Costumes receive bonus points!'''</font> 
'''The H15 Hexayurt''' aka '''The 10' Hexayurt'''

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