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Las Malvinas community center shade

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{{Template:Practivistas Dominicana student projects header}}[[Image:Las Malvinas current shadeFinal Community Shade2.jpg|thumb|right|600px|Current Las Malvinas Community Center Shade Structure]]
<center>''This project is a collaboration between students enrolled in the Practivistas Dominicana Program and the rural community of Las Malvinas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The community center in Las Malvinas currently functions as a space for the community to hold meetings and workshops; however, the lack of a durable shade and rain-proof structure along the outside of the building has prevented the community from being able to use the space when weather conditions are too hot or too rainy.''</center>
The client at hand This project is in the community of Las Malvinas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They have requested that a rain/shade structure be built by Practivistas Dominicana at their local community center (Estacion Ecological Comunitario) between May-July 2014. Three of the students working on the project are from Humboldt State University in California and one student from Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After a community meeting was held, it was determined that the structure should be able to protect from rain as well as sun so the community could hold meetings, classes and workshops in comfort. Community members voiced their opinions that aesthetics, durability, and locality of materials were some of their main concerns in regards to the construction of the structure. [[Image:Las_Malvinas_current_shade.jpg|thumb|center|500px|Previous Las Malvinas Community Center Shade Structure]]
==Problem Statement==
This section includes all possible aspects thought up by the group members for this project as well as the community members of Las Malvinas and the directors of Practivistas Dominicana. These criteria were chosen to evaluate the project based on protection, locality, and durability. These criteria will help us to determine how much time, money, and effort should be invested in each aspect of the system based on its importance to our client (the community of Las Malvinias)Malvinas.
[[Image:Community Meeting LM.jpg|center|Community meeting in Las Malvinas by current shade structure to determine community desires and criteria.]]
==Literature Review==
See [[Las_Malvinas_community_center_shade/Literature_Review Las Malvinas community center shade/|Literature Review]] for information relevant to this project.
==Final Design==
==How toWe==
See a step-by-step process of how this structure was built and how to recreate a similar structure below:
|20| The finished project!
==== Video====
== Maintenance ==
==== Every 2 Years ====
* Replace billboard canvasif necessary.
== Conclusions ==
*[[User:Caelidh|Caelidh Liddell]] (Humboldt State University) -
*Marjorie Casado (UNIBE) -
See [[Las Malvinas community center shade/Literature Review|Literature Review]]


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