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Las Malvinas community center shade

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|1|Removing the previous damaged shade structure
|Image:Harvested LM bamboo.jpg|Harvest Bamboo
|2|When harvesting bamboo, select poles that appear darker green to gray in color, and around 3-5 years of age. Cut just above the culm closest to the ground with a machete, and gently set bamboo on the ground to divide into desirable sizes.
|Image:Bamboo concrete.jpeg |Bamboo, Concrete, & Rebar
|3| After taking proper measurements for the location of your desired shade structure, cut bamboo to appropriate lengths. Make a concrete mixture to secure the poles into the ground surrounding the perimeter of the existing structure. Insert rebar into the center of the bottom culm and ensure that the concrete is inside the entire bottom culm.
|Image:LM shade posts up.jpg|All posts are up
|7|Once all the supporting posts are up and cemented into place, they are allowed to dry for several days before beginning construction.
|Image:Bamboo U Shape.jpeg|Bamboo Beams Installation
|8|The tops of the bamboo columns are cut into a wide 'U' shape so that the bamboo beams cam be put into place.
|Image:Bamboo Beams Installation.jpeg|Setting bamboo beams in place
|9|Set the beams in place and drill holes in the bamboo to secure with wire (we also used 2x4 beams because we needed install corrugated zinc metal sheets on the roof).
|Image:Bamboo frame 2x4.jpeg|Bamboo 2x4 Frame
|10|Installing the 2x4 beams in preparation for the zinc roof.
|Image:Bamboo zinc.jpeg |
|11|Lay down the zinc panels and secure with roofing nails.
|Image:Bamboo truss.jpeg| Bamboo Truss
|12|On the other side of the structure, we built a truss. The bottom bamboo pole has been cut to lock in with the pole on top. Wire was used to secure the poles together.
|Image:Bamboo truss 2x4.JPG|Bamboo 2x4 truss
|13|Truss is attached to a 2x4 beam in the center.
|Image:Billboard measuring.jpeg|Billboard
|14|Measuring billboard, rolling and stapling across a 2x4 beam to attach to existing zinc roof and bamboo posts.
|Image:Attaching billboard.jpeg|Attaching billboard
|15|Billboard is attached to a 2x4 beam using a staple gun and then the beam is nailed into the zinc roof.
|Image:Billboard glue.jpeg|Attaching billboard panels with glue
|16|Billboard is attached to another panel using vinyl glue.
|Image:Bamboo finished project.jpeg|Bamboo Finished Project
|17| The finished project!
==== Video====
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