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News and comment
{|cellpadding="108" aligncellspacing=right"0"|- valign="top" {| style="background: khaki; white" width: 420px;" cellpadding="1052%"|[[File:Päijänne and päijätsalo.jpg|400px424px]]<brclear=left>'''News and comment''' '''2014'''  <ref>[]</ref> '''2012''' "Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws", September 20 <ref>[ GigaOM]</ref>  '''References'''<references/>|}|} 
== Sustainability initiatives ==
*[ Dodo], environmental organisation which aims to approach environmental issues in an open-minded way, trying to find new perspectives, relying on the power of factual discussion. Public events, discussion groups and projects.
[[wikipedia:Climate change in Finland]]
=== Community energy === [[Finland's Renewable Energy]] Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Renewable energy in Finland|Renewable energy in Finland]], [[wikipedia:Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan|Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan]], [[wikipedia:Solar energy in Finland|Solar energy in Finland]] === Community involvement === [ Yhteismaa] (Common Ground), a Finnish non-profit dedicated to participatory city culture and placemaking === Cycling activism ===
[[wikia:criticalmass:List of rides#Finland|Critical Mass bicycle rides in Finland]]
=== Ethical consumerism === [ Buy Nothing Day] === Food activism ===
[ Cottages and Allotments], City of Helsinki== Restaurant Day ====
=== Green purchasing ===In big cities, people of many different cultures live in close proximity. However, there often aren't enough chances for them to intermingle and experience the diverse traditions within their city. In an effort to bring people together and foster cross cultural interaction, local organizers in Helsinki, Finland, created "Ravintolapäivä," or [ Restaurant Day]. Initiated in 2011, it began as a food carnival where anyone with a passion for food was encouraged to run a "restaurant" in their private home or in public spaces for a single day. Even though the pop-up restaurants charge money for the meals, the emphasis is not on profit, but rather on community teamwork and cultural exchange. During the event, Helsinki is transformed by hundreds of these informal restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines in this city-wide street festival. The event is put on through distributed organization — individual volunteer restaurateurs are responsible for finding a location, managing the menu and invitations, and setting the meal prices. Now, Restaurant Day has become a global movement, with over 27,000 pop-up restaurants having served over 3 million community members across 75 countries. —Khushboo Balwani <ref>[ Shareable]</ref>
==== Other links ==== [ Buy Nothing Daywps/portal/Rakennusvirasto_en/Viheralueet_en?urile=hki:path:/hkr/en/Green+areas/Cottages+and+Allotments&current=true Cottages and Allotments], City of Helsinki
=== Open spaces ===
[ Green Hearts], Park Walks in Helsinki
=== Sustainable energy transport activism ===
Train schedules: [[Finland's Renewable Energy] EN]
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Renewable energy Bus timetables and routes in Finland|Renewable energy in Finland]], [[wikipediaHelsinki region:Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan|Finland National Renewable Energy Action Plan]], [[wikipediahttps:Solar energy in Finland|Solar energy in Finland]// EN]
=== Towards sustainable economies ===
The federal government of Finland is currently (Oct 2017) conducting an experiment of the effects of a basic income on unemployed citizens, which began in January 2017 and will conclude in December 2018. <ref>[ @BasicincomeOrg]</ref>
[ Basic Income Experiment 2017–2018]
[[wikipedia:Cleantech Finland]]
| style="background:khaki" |
== News and comment ==
'''Feb 8''' Finland's result on its UBI experiment: people don't shirk work. And it increases trust, health & wellbeing <ref>[ The Alternative UK]</ref>
'''Jan 31''' The city with no homeless on its streets <ref>[ BBC News]]</ref>
Finland: Where second-hand comes first, Nov 8 <ref>[ BBC News]</ref>
Helsinki unveils plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, Mar 21 <ref>[]</ref>
Safe, happy and free: does Finland have all the answers? Feb 12 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref>
How one city plans to steer residents away from driving, Sep 26 <ref>[]</ref>
Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless. Dec 17 <ref>[]</ref>
Helsinki Treats New Bike-Share as Another Form of Public Transit, May 27 <ref>[]</ref>
Finland is considering giving every citizen a basic income, December 5 <ref>[]</ref>
The Sharing Economy is Booming in Helsinki: Here's Why, October 22 <ref>[ Shareable]</ref>
Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Turns Busy Street into Community Table, September 14 <ref>[ Shareable]</ref>
Helsinki Volunteers Reinvent the Public Sauna, September 4 <ref>[ Shareable]</ref>
Why Helsinki – a mix of Detroit and Geneva – is one of the most exciting cities in the world, Aug 10 <ref>[]</ref>
Finnish parliament approves new climate bill that commits to 80% emissions reductions by 2050, March 6. <ref>[ Friends of the Earth Europe]</ref>
Mobility survey reveals three-quarters of Helsinki journeys are sustainable, January 7 <ref>[ European Green Capital]</ref>
Finland Sets New Goal For Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, June 11 <ref>[ ThinkProgress]</ref>
"Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws", September 20 <ref>[ GigaOM]</ref>
== Events ==
'''Regular events'''
Restaurant Day 2015, [ Visit Helsinki], approximately once every three months
== Resources ==
=== Apps for sustainability ===
[[category:CASwiki articles with apps]]
[ Täsä], city of Turku. Mobile app, which helps capture citizens' ideas regarding urban development sites.
=== Citizens data initiative ===
[ Urban Facts], open data at the City of Helsinki.
=== Community resources ===
[ Sompasauna], wood burning self-service public sauna in Helsinki built and maintained by a group of volunteers.
=== Maps ===
[ Helsinki Region Transport] - Vehicles, bus and tram (English)
[ Google Maps Location]
=== Research ===
== Interwiki links ==
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Finland|Finland]], [[wikipedia:Environmental issues in Finland|Environmental issues in Finland]]
== External links ==
*University of Helsinki: [ EN]
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[[category:Sustainable community action]]
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[[category:Sustainable community action]]

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