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{| cellpadding="8" cellspacing="0"|- valign="top" | style="background:white" width="52%"|[[|right|500px424px]]<br clear=left>== Sustainability initiatives ==*[ Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon
== Initiatives by topic ==
=== Climate action ===
[ Swindon Climate Action Network]- [ Wiltshire and Swindon Climate Action Network] === Community energy === [ Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance] === Communities online === [ TalkSwindon] === Ethical consumersim ===*[ Malmesbury Against Plastic] === Food activism === [ BIG Community Grow], project based in the Trowbridge Area === Sustainable transport activism === [[wikipedia:Kennet and Avon Canal]] | style="background:khaki" | __TOC__ == News and comment == '''2016''' Swindon Borough Council has used the UK's first green energy ISA to raise over £700k for a community solar farm! Nov 15 <ref>[]</ref>
=== Low carbon communities ==='''2015'''
Local action on climate change, December 8 <ref>[ Good Energy]</ref> Wiltshire's solar boom so big now more than half the homes can be powered by the sun, January 24 <ref>[ Western Daily Press]</ref> '''2014'''  Swindon council votes to relax solar planning rules, March 12 <ref>[ Climate Friendly Bradford news/swindon_council_votes_to_relax_solar_planning_rules_2356 Solar Power Portal]</ref> == Resources == === Visions ===*Make Malmesbury "Even" Better, closed group on Avon[ facebook]
== Interwiki links ==
'''References'''{{Attrib sca wikiaref|Wiltshire}}<references/>|}  {{scaendmenu}}{{stub}}[[category:Sustainable community actionUK stubs]]
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