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How to: Reciprocal Roof

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|File:Reciprocal Roof Construction 11 Adjusting the Charlie Stick and Layout Ring.jpg |Final adjustments of the center ring. |11 |In this step some of the temporary ties were removed from the rafters to adjust the shape of the center ring slightly. In this case, the charlie stick was placed just a little too close to the center ring and was becoming stuck, and the gap for the last rafter was a little big, so a little shaking of the charlie stick and half the rafters got it to drop into shape. <br /><br />I would '''NOT''' attempt to do this much adjusting if i were using rafter poles over 6 inches in diameter, the weight at the top would be too great and the possibility of collapse much higher. <br /><br /> Also notice from Step 6, the charlie stick is '''outside''' the center ring and can be freely kicked out when the time comes
|File:Reciprocal Roof Construction 12 Cut off Ends of Rafters to Desired Length.jpg |Cut all eaves to length '''after''' placing them on the roof. |12 |The charlie stick is still in place. Before removing it we have determined the desired length of the eaves for the structure and cut the bottoms and tops of the rafter poles. <br />Remember in the the prologue of this How-To about the rise of the roof pitch. This rise also affects the length of your eaves if you want them to be all the same height off the ground. In this case we had to cut a little more off of the rafters in the middle of the spans between posts to get the desired height because the pitch is slightly steeper when the ''x'' horizontal distance from the top plate to the center ring gets shorter.<br /><br />Also notice how awesome the shadows cast by the rafters is on the ground, one of the beautiful perks from a reciprocal roof.
|File:Reciprocal Roof Construction 13 Wire wrapping center ring.jpg |Wrapping thick gauge wire around the center ring to keep it from slipping out. |13 |Before removing the charlie stick we wrapped a double course of thick gauge galvanized wire around each rafter to the next in the center ring. Starting at the first rafter going in the direction you laid the rafters, wrap the wire as you remove the temporary ties. Once a full course has been wrapped pretty tightly, we are ready to pull out the charlie stick. Here are two links to the same video. The first link [[File:Reciprocal Roof Construction video Removing the Charlie Stick Video.flv|Here]]is a .flv and has mixed loading ability. The second link [[Filehttp:Reciprocal Roof Construction Removing Charlie Stick SWF//]]is a .swf, and loads easier on most browsers. Be aware that for both videos you should turn your sound off, there is nothing to hear and the quality is bad. There is also a video on the removal of a charlie stick on a bigger scale at [ The year of Mud Reciprocal Roof Blog]
|File:Reciprocal Roof Construction 15 Adding more wire and covering with bark strips.jpg |Hexagon Structure Awaiting a Reciprocal Roof |14 |Whatever you do in step 14.
|File:Reciprocal Roof Construction 16 Finished Project.jpg |The Decorated Finished Product |15 |Whatever you do in step 15.

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